Leadership Programes

BTCC Leadership Programme is a specialised project meant to build and improve leadership qualities in members of the business sector by promoting the interests of businesses in a certain region or industry. Read more »

Emerging Leaders

Identifying emerging leaders in our community entails recognising individuals who have promising leadership qualities and can substantially contribute to the organizations and community’s growth and success. Read more »

Investment Opportunities

BTCC frequently sponsors networking events, business expos, and conferences. Attending these events will allow you to meet local businesses, entrepreneurs, and possible investment partners. Read more »

Benchmark Trips

Benchmark trips are voyages done by individuals or groups organized by the British Tamil Chamber of Commerce is to learn from the best practises and experiences of other enterprises, organisations, or regions. Read more »


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals to support its activities and events. These sponsorships can provide sponsors with exposure and networking opportunities while also assisting the Chamber in funding its initiatives. Read more »

Women Influence Committee

The committee attempts to establish a supportive atmosphere for women to thrive, lead, and make a lasting influence in their sectors through networking events, mentorship programs, and advocacy initiatives. Read more »


Instructional programmes organised to give companies and entrepreneurs with useful information, resources, and networking opportunities. These courses address issues in development, growth, and success. Read more »


BTCC is a useful and reliable resource center for businesses of all sizes. We assist local companies to succeed by providing networking opportunities, business support services, advocacy, and educational resources. Read more »