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Tamil Heritage Month in the United Kingdom – January 2020

Tamil Heritage Month in the United Kingdom – January 2020

British Tamil Chamber of Commerce calls upon the British Tamils and wider community to embrace the month of January as Tamil Heritage Month and celebrate January 2020 as the first Tamil Heritage Month in the UK.

Month of January is very significant to Tamils as the harvest festival and thanks giving to the nature which helped human civilisation to survive and thrived on our planet. This is a Secular festival for all Tamils and wider human population regardless of religion. The month will not only promote Tamil culture and heritage but also champion green way of life.

BTCC is proud to celebrate January as Tamil Heritage Month, as this would help bring the richness of the Tamil language and culture to the British public and let them embrace the cultural and heritage of British Tamils.

Tamil Heritage Month was first recognised in Canada and unanimously adopted in the Parliament in 2016. There are over 70 million Tamils around the world and in UK alone there are half a million people of Tamil origin.

To mark the first Tamil Heritage Month in the UK, BTCC will initiate a launch event on the 18th of January 2020 and BTCC welcomes all the organisations to take part in the Tamil Heritage Month in the UK and organise various cultural and Tamil-recognition events throughout the month of January every year.

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